How it works for Parents


Easy signup and add family member.


Schedule task for children


Monitor children daily activity.


Setup rewards and add/remove points.


Approve tasks and reward requests.


Setup useful website links for kids to view.

How it works for Children


Complete assigned tasks.


Earn points or equivalent money.


Request reward or Cashout.


Save money for your goals.


View parents directed websites.


Detail report with advanced filter.

As a Child

  • Earn money/points by completing tasks.
  • Save money/points for different goals.
  • Spend money/points to get rewards.
  • Transfer money/points to other members.
  • View your parents recommended websites.
  • Setup unlimited no Goals and save money.
  • Detail Report to see all your activities.

Children Login

As a Parent

  • Add children and schedule tasks
  • Check task status using Task monitor.
  • Add or remove points/money.
  • Approve reward request from Kids.
  • View children save activity.
  • View Dashboard to see each children activity.
  • Detail Report to see every activity of children.

Parent Login


  • Add unlimited number of children.
  • Add unlimited number of task/chores.
  • Add unlimited number of rewards.
  • Add unlimited number of bookmarks.
  • Add unlimited number of Goals for saving.
  • Assign points or money value for each tasks/chore.
  • Advanced dashboard to get 360 degree view of kids activity
  • Task monitor to view children task status
  • Add Bonus or reduce points for children.
  • Approve or un-approve children tasks.
  • Reward request option by children
  • Inter family Point/Money transfer option.
  • Transfer Point/Money to Goal for Saving.
  • Request fast Cashout option.
  • Advanced reporting to view each activity
  • Email notification after each task completion.