helps parents to manage kid’s activities and tasks. Often parents are frustrated when helping and asking kids to organize their activities. Children always find a way or excuse to skip tasks or not to do it on time. Through our reward based system parents can assign points or monetary value for each tasks and assign them to kids. This can have positive reinforcement on kids and help them to do their activity on time and look forward to do future tasks on time.

Parents can choose either Points or Money reward for each kids and rewards will be displayed on kid’s dashboard when each time they login. helps kids to understand the financials, importance of savings, negotiation and time management. Our Advanced reporting helps both parents and Kids to see history of their completed tasks, reward earnings and tasks notes. is completely free to use. There no actual money, credit card and payments involved. Children negotiate with parents on usage of points or reward money accumulated. It is between Parents and children on how to use the points or reward money.


  • By using these simple steps, both Parents and Kids can organize daily activities in a fun way.
  • Parents Setup Children and login credentials.
  • Parents Setup Tasks and points to each Kids along with special instruction.
  • Kids complete their tasks with special notes.
  • Parents and Children can run report for a given date range to see history.
  • Children negotiate with parents on how to use/redeem points
  • Parents manage reward points and even give bonus points to kids. is a division of AshNav LLC who specialize Kids related application and websites like where you can find tutor, babysitters, sports coach, music teacher and dance teacher etc. Also Parents can post their tutoring, babysitter and other kids activity needs as job. It is completely Free.