Sign Up Questions

Yes. is completely free to use.

After signup, we send email to verify your login email id. Please check your inbox, spam and junk folders to see if you have received it. If not, you can still login into website and request to re-send email verification link again under dashboard.

Parents creates child account and assign tasks to each kids that carry certain points. Once kids complete the tasks, points are accumulated to each kids. Parents can also allocate money value for each point. Based on that, monetary (money) value also displayed for each kid level.

Parents can create user id and password for each kids form their parent account. By clicking children login link, children can login and submit their completed tasks.

User can signup from all countries. Point system can be used for all countries. Money value for points are supported only to USA only at this point.

Once you signup, please make sure the following. 
1. Verify your email id by cliking link that was sent to your login email. 
2. Make sure you have correct time zone selected under Profile tab.
3. By default, each point carries 1 cent. You can change points and related amount value under profile -> Reward setup tab.

Under Profile->Setup Reward tab, you can assign certain number of points and money value for that. By default, each point values $.10 cents.

General Account Questions

Yes. For a given date range or a specific kid, you can run the report that will show each completed tasks and associated points.

By default notification email will be sent to parent email id after each submit by children. If you do not want to receive email communication, you can opt-out under your Profile tab.

Yes.. He can

You can change your login email id from your profile setup.

You can change your password from profile tab.

Under your provider tab, you can change your time zone.

Under your provider -> Inactivate tab, you can inactivate your account. If you want to re-activate, you can just login using your existing email/password and your account will be activated again.

Reward Setup Questions

Under your profile->Reward Setup tab, you can opt-out reward option. Once you opt-out, reward points or money value will not be shown for any children under your profile.

Under Add/Manage Children tab, for each kid level you have the option to display or hide money value.

Under Profile->Setup Reward tab, you can assign certain number of points and money value for that. By default, each point values $.10 cents.

Managing Rewards Questions

Parents allocate points (or) money value for each task, not by These points and money value are used only for Parent‘s internal purpose to encourage kids to keep organized through positive reinforcement. does not provide any points or money.

No. These reward points/money are used only for internal tracking purpose by parents and kids and they do not carry any montetry value.

Parents can allow kids to use points to get actual cash, playtime, toys, etc at their discretion.

Yes. Under Manage Rewards tab, for each child you can add or remove points. These points will be added/subtracted from child total reward points and will appear under activity history.