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  • Country is used to show correct Currency Codes in system. 
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Thank you for using ManageKids.com. Depending on your need, you can streamline the following children activities using our system.
  • Schedule Children Chore (eg: helping parents on daily activities like cleaning room, folding cloths, feeding pet)
  • Schedule Academic Activities (eg: Practice Music, Do homework, 30 min reading/day)
  • Schedule Corrective actions (eg: keeping shoe in place, Being nice to other family members)
  • Schedule Reminders (eg: Take pass on 1st day of each month, Pay field trip payment)
  • Virtual bank (eg: Store points/money, convert Cash to Points and use when needed)
To have successful outcome, both parents and children needs to be persistence in using the system daily. Encourage children to use the system daily and ask them submit the completed tasks on time.. Good Luck!

ManageKids.com Team
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