helps parents and children to organize their tasks and manage their time effectively.

Parents use to manage the following for their kids. Using various scheduling options, parents setup tasks/chores for each of their kids and monitor them online or through email notification.

What  are types of Chores and Tasks are setup by parents?

There is no limit on what task/chores you can setup for your children. Mostly parents use the following type of tasks and chorse setup for their children.

Daily Chore activity: Helping parents on house tasks, cleaning their room, making bed etc.

School Homeworks: Tasks like homework activity, Everyday reading , school extra activity like music practice etc

Corrective Actions: Setup tasks like keeping shoe in place, hanging the coat, keeping bag in place, Being nice to family member.

Reminder tasks: Take pass on specific day, finish project on specific day


What Type of Schedules available?

Weekly – Task will appear on the days specified in a week.

Monthly – Task will appear on a specified day of each month.

Specific Date – Task will appear on that specified date only.

Date Range – Task will appear between these date range.

One Time Reminder – Task will appear everyday until it is completed.